Project Highlights

  • Open Platform

    An innovative and open platform created based on Beauty Chain, that attracts and brings together upstream and downstream applications in the beauty industry.

  • Beauty Ecosystem Coin

    Beauty Ecosystem Coin(BEC) is the token used within the ecosystem and acts as the incentive for users, honey workers, application developers as well as upstream and downstream companies.

  • Focus on female communities

    Beauty Chain platform will be the next generation of female content information sharing platform. It is committed to inviting companies working in the female markets to join force building the world's leading female content information sharing platform.



Content ecosystem

Beauty Chain content platform participants mainly consists of three roles: content creator, content disseminator, and content consumer. Content creator creates quality content, content disseminator promotes content that interested them, and content consumers consume their favorite content. These three roles both can be interacted with and transformed into each other. The three together form a platform closed-loop, pushing forward of Beauty Chain on platform development.

BEC, as a token in Beauty Chain ecosystem, runs through the entire life cycle of content creation, dissemination, consumption, and maintains the entire ecosystem operation. With Beauty Chain smart contract, users’ contributions to the community are rewarded in form of BEC.



Alpha - Beauty Chain ecosystem core DAPP

Alpha is an official solution of Beauty Chain in fashion and pan-entertainment content industry. It is a Beauty Chain’s DAPP built with blockchain based and focused on Beauty content platform. Alpha is currently a code number, and it is expected that in November 2018, we will officially launch Alpha’s products. Alpha’s service scope includes information aggregation and distribution, content creation and dissemination, etc. It provides users with life-cycle support for content creation, dissemination and consumption. Alpha uses blockchain technology to rationalize the distribution of benefits among the entire ecosystem participants.


Incentive Scheme

The overall amount of Beauty Ecosystem Coin is 7 billion and will be distributed per

  • Community Awards

    to reward users and Beauty Chain
    partners for their contribution, in-
    cluding participation in the con-
    sensus-building process and
    maintenance of the Beauty Chain

  • Foundation Operation

    reserved for operating
    expenses of the Founda-

  • Founding team and core

    For founding team and core

chart chart

How to Obtain BEC

  • By participating in the consen-
    sus-building process and jointly
    safeguard the stable operation of
    the Beauty Chain platform

  • Actively participate in
    content creation and
    community building, etc,
    and receive BEC as

  • Circulation ​​within the
    scope of compliance

  • Incentives for other

Beauty Chain Development Roadmap

roadmap roadmap


BeautyBee is our first user-generated content (UGC) mobile app and website under branding.

Users from Hong Kong plus 6 other places in Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea, Malaysia and the United States can post content and make comments within the female community. The platform empowers female from all over the world to record every day of their life and everyone can share their feelings and comments in the same community.

BeautyBee covers a wide range of content, together with a variety of trendy information to ensure that everyone can easily stay close to the times, and pleasantly meet like-minded people on the platform.

Supported by MediaLens which focuses on big data, AI and machine learning technologies, BeautyBee is committed to creating a better experience for its users, using the most realistic images and texts to provide tips & Inspirations about lifestyle, makeup & beauty, fashion & style, health & fitness and food & travel from the user's point of view, as well as to help everyone’s life easier and happier.

For more information, please click on or download our App ‘BeautyBee’ for free.


Ryan Cheung

Ryan Cheung

Ryan Cheung | Founder & CEO of PressLogic. HKU

Mr. Ryan Cheung has graduated from BBA (Accounting and Finance), The University of Hong Kong. He has vast experience in Fintech (Financial technology) industry. He started his career in Commerzbank AG in the Equity Markets and Commodities Department. At his age of 26, he joined Leonteq Securities AG (formerly EFG Bank Financial Products) as the youngest Director in Asia, responsible for structured solutions business and expanding its Asia franchise. Leonteq is a leading and disruptive expert for structured investment products supported by its market-leading technology platform listed in SIX Swiss Exchange.

After that, Mr. Ryan Cheung founded an O2O internet company that was acquired only 10 months after its launch. He soon founded another internet company “PressLogic”, which started with a proprietary AI system that uses data analytics to predict the topics that will trend on social media among specific groups. It has grown into a diversified group of businesses,, boasting operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea and Malaysia. Mr. Cheung has discovered the world of cryptocurrency back in 2012. The innovation and disruptive power of blockchain technology has pushed Ryan as an early investor in Bitcoin.

Edward Chow

Edward Chow

Edward Chow | Founder & CTO of PressLogic. HKU

Mr. Edward Chow has graduated from the BBA (Information System), The University of Hong Kong. He has vast experience in Security and Cryptography. He worked in Deloitte and various IT consulting firms. He was responsible for large amount of system implementation and auditing tasks for clients including HK Government and traditional banks. Edward has been a Certified Information Systems Auditor since 2013.

In 2016, Edward co-founded PressLogic with Ryan Cheung, and becomes CTO, focusing on software development, leading a team of over 20 developers to create a proprietary AI system to manage media network. He has also been investigating cryptosystem and payment protocols since 2012, so he will be responsible to lead the development at Finchain, blockchains and decentralized systems; and “smart contracts” has been implemented behind the Finchain platform successfully under Edward’s leadership.

Cherry Liu

Cherry Liu

Cherry Liu | Investment Manager - Hang Seng Bank

Cherry Liu was graduated from the University of Hong Kong. She joined Hang Seng Bank as Management Trainee of Retail Banking & Wealth Management. She was an Investment Manager at Insurance Investment Team in 2014, where she assisted the Chief Investment Officer in determining and implementing investment strategy.

Yan Xun

Yan Xun

Yan Xun | Retail Director - Seager Inc

Mr. Yan Xun graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Finance from Singapore Management University. He started his career in APS Asset management in 2010 as an investment analyst for high-yield Asian Credit. He joined Commerzbank in 2011 in the Fixed Income Sales & Trading department. Thereafter, he joined Seager Inc as Retail Director, managing the retail business units for both offline & online channels across the group for the Singapore & Malaysia operations. Seager is a leading retailer and distributor in SE Asia, with 200 staff and over 500 points of sale across South East Asia.

Technical Advisors

Ryan Cheung
James Lei | Founding R&D program director at Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI)

Dr. James Lei is a seasoned researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, and visionary leader. He is the founding R&D program director at Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) for pioneering research work in the distributed system, AI and machine learning, blockchain and DLT, cloud computing, big data, financial technologies, media, networking, software and system. He is the principal scientist and chief architect contributed to several dozen technology transfers with big commercial impact. He is the program committee member of MSc program on Financial Engineering at Chinese University of Hong Kong, teaching faculty for the course Blockchain for Financial Applications at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, and program committee member for Financial Technologies at Hong Kong University.

Ryan Cheung
David Chan | Head of Cyber Security, HSBC Group HK

David Chan has over 15 years of experience and strong global industry background in Cyber Security, IT Risk Management and Technology Services. He is currently Head of Cyber Security for a international bank overseeing the IT security standards for the group. David has a solid experience on enforcing risk management policies to meet financial institution’s security standards. Prior to his recent position, he was a senior managing consultant in an international consulting firm managing large amount of system implementation tasks of Government, traditional banks and financial institutions. He was also the lead auditor and penetration test expert to perform ethical hacking on many critical systems used in the Government and banks

Professional Certifications:

·ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
        (ISMS) Lead Auditor
·ISO 20000 IT Service Management Systems Auditor
·ISO 31000 Certified Risk Professional
·Certified Information System Auditor
·Certified Information System Security Professional
·Certified Information Security Manager
·Cisco Certified Network Associate (Security)
·Project Management Professional
·CSA STAR certified advance auditor
·Certified Ethical Hacker


Beauty Chain Announcement: Bulletin on the Progress of BEC's New Smart Contracts and Exchange Trading Rollbacks 20180502

update:2018-05-02 18:20:20

The Beauty Chain Foundation's progress on the three issues that we are currently concerned about is as follows:
1. About the exchange rolled back the BEC transaction: The OKEx Exchange has started to roll back the abnormal BEC transactions that occurred Hong Kong time on April 28th, rolled back the USDT price at the time of the transaction and gave the user 10 %USDT compensation. The rollback was completed on April 28, Hong Kong time.
2. About the new smart contract mapping work: Hong Kong time on April 25, 2018, the Beauty Chain began to map BEC 1:1 to a new smart contract. The attacker's account balance will not be mapped. Given that BEC disperses more addresses and the Ethereum channel congestion, and other factors, after work The personnel worked day and night, and the Beauty Chain finally completed the mapping of all BECs on the early morning of May 2. For questions regarding the mapping process, contact
There are BEC and BEC2 in Bec Wallet. Bec Wallet will delete BEC2 and keep BEC (new contract address). In the latest version of Bec Wallet will only support BEC (new contract address), so please download the latest version Bec Wallet.

New contract address of BEC:0x3495ffcee09012ab7d827abf3e3b3ae428a38443
3. About the exchange to restart the BEC transaction: We have already contacted the OKEx exchange to start replacing the new smart contract. After the exchange is replaced, the BEC trade can be restarted.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the suspension of the BEC transaction. The BEC will also return to everyone with a new attitude. Thank you for your support and trust in the Beauty Chain!

Beauty Chain Foundation May 2, 2018

Beauty Chain Announcement: Announcement of Smart Contract Security Issue in BEC 20180423

2018-04-23 13:20:02

At 13:18 on April 22, 2018, BEC’s prices fluctuate significantly due to the smart contract safety issue on the BEC. After the study by the Beauty Chain Foundation, the Beauty Chain has suspended all transactions and transfers.
This security issue will not affect the number of BEC in your wallet. We are also actively communicating with the Exchange OKEx to provide better solutions for everyone.
We will release new smart contracts as soon as possible. In order to safeguard the interests of everyone, we have reached an agreement with the OKEx Exchange. The trade fair will roll back to 13:18 on April 22, after this time all transactions generated in the Beauty Chain will be Cancellation, purchase of BEC digital currency will be returned in the same way; at the same time, our new smart contract will be 1:1 mapping with BEC to ensure that the number of existing BEC before this time will not be affected. We will communicate with OKEx Exchange resume BEC trading as soon as possible.
We apologize for the adverse effects of this incident on OKEx, the majority of Beauty Chain supporters and exchange operators.
Beauty Chain Foundation

Beauty Chain Foundation April 23, 2018